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Political Science and History Books

These books are stored off site and require 24 hour notice to bring into store.  Requesting to see a book does not require you to purchase it.

Anonymous. Saint Pierre (History of its volcanic destruction) 1971. Stapled pamphlet. Poor: cover has escaped the hold of one of the staples. 10 dollars

Anti-Defamation League. Hitler's Apologists: The Anti-Semitic Propaganda of Holocaust "Revisionism." 1993. Trade paperback. 14.75 dollars

Bloodworth, Dennis and Ching Ping. The Chinese Machiavelli: 3,000 Years of Chinese Statecraft. 1976. Farra, Straus and Giroux. VG/G. Jacket has soil, small tears, shelf wear. 8.75 dollars

Bolkosky, Dr. Sidney, Betty Ellias and Dr. David Harris. Life Unworthy of Life: A Holocaust Curriculum: An 18-Lesson Instructional Unit. 1987. Center for the Study of the Child. VG. Trade paperback. Shelf wear. Owner's stamp. 6.50 dollars

Boardman, John, Jaspar Griffin and Oswyn Murray. Greece and the Hellenistic World. The Oxford History of the Classical World. 1988. Oxford. G. Ex-library.. 4 dollars

Bruck, Connie. The Predator's Ball: The Junk Bond Raiders and the Man who Staked Them. Simon and Schuster. 1988. First Edition. F/VG. 7.50 dollars

Cotterell, Arthur. The First Emperor of China: The Greatest Archeological Find of our Time. First American Edition. 1981. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. VG/VG. Jacket price clipped and with minor shelf wear.. Book plate. 5.50 dollars

Crockett, Albert Stevens. When James Gordon Bennett was Caliph of Bagdad. Second Printing. 1926. Funk and Wagnalls. VG/ no jacket. 11.75 dollars

Dawes, Frank. Not in Front of the Servants: A True Portrait of English Upstairs/Downstairs Life. Taplinger. Third printing. 1973.. F/VG. 10 dollars

De Silva, Cara, editor. In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin. (Czech under nazi's) 1996. Aronson. F/F. 4.75 dollars

Demos, John. The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America. First Edition. Knopf. 1994. F/F. 4.75 dollars

Eisler, Riane. Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth and the Politics of the Body--New Paths to Power and Love. First Edition. Harper. 1995. VG/G. 6.50 dollars

Ferraro, Barbara, Patricia Hussey with Jane O'Reilly. No Turning Back: Two Nuns' Battle with the Vatican over Women's Right to Choose. First Edition. 1990. Poseidon Press. VG/VG. 4 dollars

Friedman, David. A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis. 2001. The Free Press. VG/VG. 14 dollars

Galantay, Ervin. New Towns: Antiquity to Present. First Edition. 1975. Brazillier. VG/VG. 4.75 dollars

Gelb, Norman. The British: A Portrait of an Indomitable Island People. Stated first. 1982. Everest House. VG/VG. 5 dollars

Gruber, Ruth. Haven: The Dramatic Story of 1,000 World War 2 Refugees and How They Came to America. Three Rivers Press. 2000. Softbound. Fine. 4 dollars

Halberstam, David. The Reckoning. 1986. William Morrow. First Edition. G/VG. Table of contents has notations in pen. 4 dollars

Hersh, Seymour. The Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House. First Edition. 1983. Summit Books. VG/VG. 4 dollars

Holloway, Mark. Heavens on Earth. Liberty Publishers. 1951. G/G. 9 dollars

Hubalek, Linda. Thimble of Soil: A Woman's Quest for Land: Historical Letters 1854-1860. 1996. Butterfield Books. Trade paper. F. 7 dollars

Johnson, Bryan. Four Days of Courage: The Untold Story of the Fall of Marcos. Douglas Gibson. 1987. F/F. 4 dollars

Johnson, Richard. John Nelson: Merchant Adventurer: A Life Between Empires. First Edition. 1991. Oxford. F/VG. 4 dollars

Kohl, Benjamin and Ronald Witt, editors. The Earthly Republic: Italian Humanists on Government and Society. University of Pennsylvania Press. 1989. Trade paperback. G+. 7.50 dollars

Leighton, Isabel, editor. The Aspirin Age: 1919 to 1941. American History. Second Printing. Simon and Schsuter. 1949. G/ no jacket. 4 dollars

Lewis, Tom. Divided Highways: Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Life. First Edition. 1997. Viking. VG/VG. 7.50 dollars

Lowe, Alfonso. The Spanish: The Intrepid Nation. Gordon Cremonesi. 1975. VG/G. 12 dollars

Nixon, Richard. From: The President: Richard Nixon's Secret Files. Apparently signed by editor Bruce Oudes. First Edition. 1989. Harper and Row. 10 dollars

Robbins, Christopher. The Ravens: The Men who Flew in Americas Secret War in Loas. First Edition. 1987. Crown. F/VG. 12 dollars

Savage, David. Turning Right: The Making of the Rehnquist Supreme Court. First Edition. 1992. John Wiley. VG/VG. 4.50 dollars

Searle, John. The Campus War: A sympathetic look at the University in agony. First printing. 1971. World. G/G. Red ink underlining throughout. 12 dollars

Shaw, Bernard. The Rationalization of Russia. 1964. Indiana University. G/G. Jacket has red ink underlining. Red ink underlining within. 4 dollars

Showalter, Elaine. The Female Malady: Women, Madness and English Culture, 1830-1980. 1985. Penguin. Trade paperback. VG. Wrapper has crease. 6.25 dollars

Smith, Gene. The Shattered Dream. (Woodrow Wilson) First Edition. Morrow. 1970. 4 dollars

Smith, Lacey Baldwin. Elizabeth I. Problems in Civilization. 1980. Forum Press. Trade paper. G. Wraps have wear. Two paragraphs circled in ink. Note to self on first blank page. 4 dollars

Speidel, Bill, Curator. Seattle Underground. Seattle history pamphlet. Stapled wraps. VG. 6.50 dollars

Suyin, Han. The Morning Deluge: Mao Tse Tung and the Chinese Revolution 1893-1954. Little Brown, 1972 Stated First Edition. VG/no jacket. 4 dollars

Suyin, Han. Wind in the Tower. Mao Tsetung and The Chinese Revolution 1949-1975. Little Brown. 1976. Stated First. VG/G. 4 dollars

Swinton, William. Army of the Potomac. (Civil War.) 1995. Smithmark. VG/VG. 7.50 dollars

Taylor, Keith Weller. The Birth of Vietnam. University of California Press. 1983. Trade paper. VG. 9 dollars

Thomas, Gordon. Chaos under Heaven: The Shocking Story behind China's Search for Democracy. Birch Lane Press. 1991. First Edition. F/VG. 4 dollars

Twelves, Rev. J. Wesley. A History of the Diocese of Pennsylvania of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.1784-1968. 1969. Trade paperback. VG. 5 dollars

U.S. Official Postal Guide. Part 1 Domestic. July 1947. VG/no jacket. 12 dollars

Verbitzky, Anatole and Dick Adler. Sleeping with Moscow: The Authorized account of the KGB's bungled infiltration of the FBI by two of the Soviet Union's most unlikely operatives. First Edition. 1987. Shapolsky. F/VG. 4 dollars

Wallach, Erica. Light at Midnight. In 1950 a young woman named Erica Wallach was arrested and imprisoned in East Berlin as an American spy.... First edition. 1967. Doubleday. G/G. Book is bowed. 7 dollars

Whipple, A.B.C. Tall Ships and Great Captains. 1960. Harper and Brothers. Stated First Edition. VG/ no jacket. 5.50 dollars

Whitaker, James. Diana vs. Charles: Royal Blood Feud. First Printing. 1993. Dutton. VG/VG. 4 dollars

Whitney, Craig. Spy Trader: Germany's Devil's Advocate & The Darkest Secrets of the Cold War. First Edition. Times Books. 1993. F/F. In mylar. 4 dollars

Wiebe, Robert. The Search for Order 1877-1920. (American History). Trade paperback. 1992. Hill and Wang. G. Underlining. 4.25 dollars

Woodcock, George and Ivan Avakumovic. The Doukhobors. Oxford U. 1968. P/P. Red underlining throughout. 14 dollars

Young, John Robert. The Dragon's Teeth: Inside China's Armed Forces. First Edition. 1987. Orion. VG/VG. 7 dollars

Political Science

Comittee on Agriculture. Agriculture Appropriations Bill for 1919--Hearings before the Committee on Agriculture House of Representatives Sixty-Fifth Congress Second Sessions and Report on Bill. 1918. Good. Bowing to red cloth cover. 5 dollars

Cook-Deegan, Robert. The Gene Wars: Science, Politics and the Human Genome. 1994. Norton. VG/VG. 4.75 dollars

Cramer, Richard Ben. What It Takes: The Way to the White House. First Edition. 1992. Random House. 6 dollars

Gaylin, Willard and Bruce Jennings. The Proper Uses of Coercion and Constraints in a Liberal Society: The Perversion of Autonomy. First Edition. Free Press. 1998. VG/VG. 9.50 dollars 

Guinier, Lani. The Tyranny of the Majority: Fundamental Fairness in Representative Democracy. First Edition.1994. Free Press. VG/VG. 4 dollars

Hernstein, Richard and Charles Murray. The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life. The Free Press. 1994. 4.75 dollars

Jamieson, Kathleen Hall. Dirty Politics: Deception, Distraction and Democracy. First Edition. 1992. Oxford. F/VG. 5 dollars

Lappe, Frances Moore, Joseph Collins and David Kinley. Aid as Obstacle: Twenty Questions about our Foreign Aid and the Hungry. Institute for Food and Development Policy. 1981. Trade Paperback. Good. 4 dollars.

Meyerson, Michael. Political Numeracy: Mathematical Perspectives on Voting, Afirmative Action, Abortion and the Rest of our Chaotic Constitution. Advance Reading Copy. Norton. Trade Paperback. VG. 6 dollars

Mitchell. S.1757. (The Clinton Universal Health Care Plan). 1364 pages. Calander no. 335. November 22, 1993. Softbound. VG. 4 dollars

Parry, Robert. Fooling America: How Washington Insiders Twist the Truth and Manufacture Conventional Wisdom. First Edition. 1992. William Morrow. VG/VG. 9 dollars

Reich, Robert. Locked in the Cabinet. First Edition. 1997. Knopf. VG/VG. 4 dollars 

Rothbard, Murray. For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto. 1978. Collier. Trade paperback. F. Minor shelf wear. 7.75 dollars

Shorris, Earl. New American Blues: A Journey through Poverty to Democracy. Norton. 1997. First Edition. F/F. 9.75 dollars

Strachey, John. The Theory and Practice of Socialism. 1936. First Edition. Random House. VG/G. Jacket has chips, tears, darkening. Yellowing within. 5.75 dollars 

Sunstein, Cass. Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech. Free Press. First Edition. 1993. VG/VG. 5 dollars

Tawney, R.H. The Radical Tradition: Twelve Essays on Politics, Education and Literature. 1964. Pantheon. VG/VG. Jacket has small tears, a small chip and soil. Yellowing. 4.75 dollars

If you would like to order any of these books, email us at