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Here are some highlights of our current inventory.
Inventory is limited.
Email us at to purchase.

Additional inventory is listed on Go to Book Cellar on ABE and do a search for the keyword "cellar"

First Editions
Finney's Time and Again. Eighty-four dollars with discount.

Barker's Thief of Always. Thirty-six dollars with discount. SOLD

Mailer's Barbary Shore. Twenty-five dollars.  SOLD

Rice's Cry to Heaven. SOLD

Conroy's Prince of Tides. Thirty-two dollars and fifty cents.

Gardner's The King's Indian. Twenty dollars.
Vintage Paperbacks

Six Million Dollar Man. Four and a half dollars.
The Bionic Woman. Five dollars.
The Heat of the Night. Ten dollars.
The Locked Corridor. Five dollars.
The Counterfeit Eye. Nine dollars.
The Forbidden Planet. Twenty dollars. 
Mad Magazine Looks at Old Movies. Six dollars.
MLK's Stength to Love. Eight dollars.
MLK's Why We Can't Wait. Eight dollars.

Kids Letters to JFK. Seven dollars.  SOLD
All My Children. Six dollars.  SOLD
American Graffitti. Twenty dollars.  SOLD
The Lost Continent. SOLD.
Cotton Comes to Harlem. SOLD.
641 Sealtest Recipes. SOLD.


Comic Strip Collections
Flash Gordon. Thirty dollars.  SOLD

Prince Valients. Twenty-five dollars each.

Sheena. Six dollars.


2nd Edition Webster's International Dictionary
Acclaimed out-of-print second edition. Rumor has it that the third edition cut a significant volume of antiquated words, neutering it somewhat for those who love to read. Excellent condition for this much-sought-after book. Comes with dictionary stand.

300 dollars with discount.