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The Name Game (tm)
The Fast, Fun Name Guessing Game
The Name Game is a party game for 4 to 12 people in which partners try to give one another clues in just one minute to as many names from a category of your chocie as possible. Imagine Charades, only ten times faster and you don't have to stand up to play!

Unlike most boxed games, you can customize your game to fit your needs by ordering categories of names that you and your friends will enjoy most. You can play Greek Mythology, Comedians and the 1970s. You can play the Tonies, Plays and Academy Awards. You can play Fantasy Books, Tolkein and Dwarves.

It's your game; it's your choice!

How to Order
With The Name Game, you don't just play the same game out of a box everybody else plays; you play a game designed specifically for you. Even in the basic set, you choose the name categories you and your friends will like.

First determine which set you would like.

Basic Set : 10 dollars each
The Name Game including 200 general starter names plus 300 names (3 expansion packs) of your choice.

Deluxe Set : 20 dollars each
The Name Game including 200 general starter names plus 1,000 names (10 expansion packs) of your choice.

Name Packs
Next choose which game packs you would like in the set you are ordering.

The Academy Awards
American Business
Art: Painters and Sculptors
Biblical Figures
Books, American Letters
Books, Contemporary Fiction
Books, English Literature
Books, European Literature
Books, Fantasy
Books, Horror
Books, Mystery
Books, Poetry
Books, SF
Broadway: Tony Awards
Comics, DC
Comics, Marvel
Comics, Other
Comics/Movies: Anime
Decades: 1920
Decades: 1930
Decades: 1940
Decades: 1950
Decades: 1960
Decades: 1970
Decades: 1980
Decades: 1990
Dr. Seuss (experts only!)
Eastern Thought
Elves and Fairies
Emmy Awards
Famous Women
Fashion/ Lifestyle
Grammy Awards
Greek and Roman Mythology
History, African American
History, American
History, Civil War
History, European
History, World War Two
Music, Classical
Music, Jazz
Music, Pop
Music, Rap
Music, Rock
Native Americans
Nursery Rhymes and Childrens Lit
The Popes
Presidents, Vice Presidents and the Contenders
SF/Fantasy Movies
SF/Horror, TV Shows
Sports, Baseball
Sports, Basketball
Sports, Football
Sports, Golf
Sports, Hockey
Sports, Olympics
Supreme Court Justices and other lawyers
True Crime, Criminals
True Crime, Lawmen
Young, Black and Proud: Teen 2003

Then place your order.

Visa and MasterCard orders can call 215-862-6812.

Checks and money orders can be sent with your game specifications to
The Book Cellar
2 East Ferry
New Hope PA 18938

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